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SaleStar™ is unique to GrassGreener. It is used by every single recruitment consultant here and is a tried and tested process that ensures efficiency, performance and precision in all we do.

It sets us apart from less-rigorous agencies and provides a clear, transparent structure for our clients.

Direction – Intensity – Identification – Selection – Assessment

We listen carefully to your requirements, and agree the approach that is right for you. Our experienced executives ask all the right questions, and make sure we have the information we need to conduct an accurate, appropriate search. We gather information about your company, the position specifications, key timeframes, and any confidentiality or sensitivity issues. This is all collated into a Candidate Requirement Framework that we will agree with you before proceeding to the next phase.

We select the specific level of service that suits your situation precisely. We help you chose our One-off, Strategic or Specialist Executive service – depending on which is right for you. Within each level there is exceptional flexibility because each solution and a payment plan is tailored to suit your individual requirements.

We use a rigorous process for locating the most appropriate people for you. Our specialist recruitment executives examine our own extensive internal data resources, as well as the many online recruitment resources, consult our unique network contacts and industry experts. We are impeccably discreet, and maintain the integrity of both client and candidate. Clients are given up-to-the-minute information throughout, and a shortlist provided and discussed prior to Selection.

Our expert recruitment professionals have exceptional experience in planning and managing effective and productive interview processes – from beginning to end. We handle logistics, preparation, assessments – including profiling, psychometrics and our own screening interviews. Our team have an extensive understanding of the demands of technical sales within a wide range of organisations and the skills and attributes required.

At the end of every cycle we ask clients to assess our performance and look at how we can streamline and improve what we do. Using their feedback we examine the use of our resources, our communication, selection procedure and interview processes. This ensures continual improvement, fair and reasonable pricing, cost-efficiency and overall effectiveness. Everything we do falls within prevailing legislation and complies with the Employment Agencies Act (1973) and carries a genuine, 100% Money Back Guarantee on all our work.


Executive search and selection

Our networks extend throughout the UK and beyond, with depth of experience across Europe, the US and Asia. Many of our clients are multi-nationals and our networks reflect that.

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