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Sales Director | Utilities | Midlands – UK


Sales Director – Utilities – Midlands – UK

If you are looking for a unique, challenging and rewarding opportunity in a sector that has immense potential then look no further.

If you have a desire to work with truly impressive people gathered from both sides of the Atlantic and focused on becoming the market leader in this new era of deregulation then this is exactly that.

The Wow Factor and why you should read on

This is a unique opportunity to join one of the most exciting Joint Ventures in the utilities sector today. Due to deregulation the commercial opportunities and potential win / win scenarios for the company and its customers alike are unparalleled. As a result this exciting organisation has positioned itself to lead from the front and become not just the dominant player in the market but also the leader in terms of innovation and customer alignment. They are a cradle to grave service provider within the utility solutions sector who can genuinely assist organisations across industry, public sector and commerce to radically improve process, efficiency and increase revenue streams adding strategic and commercial value throughout.

The Position and why it will engage you

Reporting into the Executive Board the Sales Director will be responsible for creating, developing and directing the strategic growth and revenue strategies and instrumental in growing the business nationally whilst establishing levels of customer service standards which will become the future benchmarks of this industry. You will also focus on and deliver the national strategy for revenue and market development working closely with cross functional teams. You will lead a diverse team across multiple work streams at pace across a broad range of services and sectors.

The Culture which will welcome you

The marriage of two ambitious organisations has provided a unique culture that embodies innovation and embraces change. The pace is fast, the vision brave and the very best have been brought together in a collaborative manner with a clearly visible emphasis on synergy and transparency. The results have thus far been nothing short of breathtaking. This is a culture that will redefine the way you think and present you with a collectively forward thinking and passionate environment where everyone involved is entirely on the same page and travelling in the same direction.

The People we would like to talk to

You will have established a solid reputation within the utilities service and supply sector already and have a proven track record of success. As importantly if not more you will be acknowledged by your industry peers internally and externally for your outstanding levels of integrity, ability to get things done and for your focus on exceeding expectations and leaving customers in awe.

It is accepted that you will be highly motivated and will strive towards success. In this fast paced business these traits are indeed required but so is the ability to work collaboratively and to drive and direct others to attain the corporate goals and vision.

Sales leadership and the management elements of that responsibility will be second nature as will your ability to prioritise. Equally we are looking for an individual who can quickly evaluate opportunity and allocate resources accordingly. This business breathes win / win and this individual must achieve aggressive growth targets whilst constantly keeping the customer and their needs at the highest level of consideration. The ability for this organisation to cross sell and up sell their services and general proposition is immense and as such a solid ability to identify and differentiate short and long term gains is paramount.

In short, you will have business charisma, be commercially savvy and be admired for your conviction and ability to deliver. You will have a full complement of sales process management and leadership skills and be exceptional at creating winning cross departmental collaboration and teams.

The Values which you will already embrace

Environment, Transparency, Corporate Responsibility, Customer Relationships and Integrity are at the heart of this organisations belief structure. Already successfully engaged as partners providing services to major companies and one of Europe’s largest PFI contracts these values are seen as fundamental principles and this will be demonstrated through all transactions and communications.

Interested so far then let’s talk further

Apply as directed and one of our Business Directors will come back to you to present the facts and figures and to enable us to mutually ascertain your suitability. Our process of selection is engaging, transparent and globally the most innovative in the industry.

If you have the required level of ability and experience, then please complete the form below or for further information, please email: or call +44 (0)113 230 5555 and ask to speak with Darren Ledger or Stuart Brown.

Alternatively take a short video tour of our unique and ground breaking recruitment solution and candidate delivery platform and see for yourself how we innovate and help our clients and candidates more effectively by clicking this link – i-Intro™

Be advised that unfortunately we can only consider applicants currently resident in the UK who are eligible to work in the EU region.