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Retained Assignments are Faster and More Cost-Effective

Having made the transition from contingency-based to retainer-based work a few years ago, we’re well-versed on the advantages of working exclusively on recruitment campaigns. The benefits are many and are felt, not just by the consultant, but by the client as well.

Mark Stephens of the F10 Group has published an interesting article on this subject on their AskTheExperts website, promoting the virtues of working with clients on a retained basis, and offering some excellent suggestions on how to present the idea in a market that has become over-reliant on contingency-style operations.

We would agree with most, if not all, of Mark’s suggestions and to these we would also add:

McQuaig Behavioural Assessments: One of the most experienced firms in the industry, the McQuaig Institute provides excellent, in-depth reports. Useful in making informed hiring decisions, as well as offering insightful questions to ask during the interview process, McQuaig assessments are a standard feature of all our recruitment campaigns.

Behaviour Matching: In conjuntion with the McQuaig assessments, we test our client’s current top-performers and create a benchmark against which candidates can be measured.

Video Interviews: All of our candidates are asked to produce a short introductory video which forms a useful, visual “handshake” between the candidate and client. We also provide the option of taking this a step further by asking the candidate to answer “on the spot” questions that are recorded via a webcam.

Competency Questionnaires: If you ask a candidate to provide information on their strengths and experiences, the temptation is simply to regurgitate the CV. To counter this tendency we produce key competency questionnaires, tailored to the campaign, that require the candidate to provide their opinions and experiences in specific areas related to the role.

Location Maps: Unless a relocation package is on the table, proximity to the working location is an important piece of data. Placing the working location and all the candidates onto one map makes it easy for the client to see where everyone is situated in context.

Replacement Guarantees: Money-back guarantees are reassuring to the client but replacement candidate guarantees are even more helpful. Imagine if your TV broke and your insurance company, instead of sending you a cheque, visited your house with a brand new replacement TV and an engineer to fix it to your wall. That’s the kind of difference in service we’re talking about.

Check out the article for more ideas: CLICK HERE

Of course, as fantastic as all of these value-adding services are, it helps to have a system that compiles all of these features into one handy, online system.

For that, you need i-intro™.