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Our Recruitment Secret Weapon

On a number of occasions, over the last few years, GrassGreener Group™ has been invited to compete with other recruitment firms to bid on significant recruitment contracts.

And more often than not we’ve come out on top, even when the competition has included larger, older firms.

Why have we enjoyed so much success in this area?

Primarily, we believe, because we’re selling a different product to everyone else.

You see, most recruitment firms, when asked to explain why they are superior to the competition, will focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • Knowledge of the market.
  • Size and quality of the candidate network.
  • Speed of candidate delivery.
  • Success rate in filling roles.
  • Competitive pricing.

All good stuff, right?

But here’s the problem…

When a client invites 3-4 recruitment firms to pitch and they’re all claiming expertise in the same areas, then it becomes very difficult – almost impossible – to pick a genuine winner.

Everyone sounds impressive and capable, so the client ends up making the decision based on a combination of price and gut instinct.

And this is where we’re able to gain a significant advantage.

Because when we pitch for a contract, we ignore virtually ALL of the benefits described above and, instead, concentrate on showing the client one thing:


We demonstrate the online candidate delivery platform that makes it easy for the decision-makers to review the shortlist, saving time and administration.

We explain how our online video interviewing and key competency questionnaires offer a real depth of information on every candidate making it clearer who should and shouldn’t be called to face-to-face interview; again, saving considerable time and expense.

We dig into the behavioral testing that measures the candidates’ working style, helping to establish how well they’ll fit into the corporate culture – this is a key indicator of the likelihood of a successful appointment and is one of the primary reasons, we believe, why 96% of the placements we make are still in place after 12 months.

And we illustrate the benchmarking graphs we produce that allow the client to directly compare candidates against each other; a crucial benefit when it comes to making the tough decisions.

Not only are the benefits of i-intro exciting for the client, they also make it incredibly easy for us to stand out from the other bids.

While everyone else is relying on – dare we say it – industry cliché, we’re showcasing an advanced combination of technology and methodology.

In the client’s eyes it’s as if we’re offering a TOTALLY DIFFERENT product to everyone else.

We’re demonstrating a top of the range, steam cleaner, while everyone else is trying to sell a mop and bucket.

Suffice to say that, over the last few years, i-intro has served us very, very well.

In fact, the more we use i-intro to provide a top quality service for our clients, we more we become convinced that i-intro is the future of recruitment.

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