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Recruiter Magazine Identifies i-intro as Potential Recruitment Game Changer

In its final edition of the year, recruitment industry magazine, Recruiter, has selected i-intro® as one of five software start-ups that they believe have the potential to “disrupt traditional recruitment models and change the game when it comes to how agencies and direct recruiters find, assess and recruit future talent.

While we would encourage you to read the full article (links below), here are the points we consider to be most significant:

  • The development of i-intro® was borne out of frustration with the recruitment industry’s obsessive focus on low prices and speed of delivery, when matching the right candidates with the right employers is the real key.
  • It saves the client time and money by identifying and removing unsuitable candidates before the interview process.
  • It puts power back into the hands of the candidate by providing them with a forum in which they can highlight their skills and experience.
  • With around three years of internal testing, GrassGreener Group has the metrics to prove the efficacy of i-intro in improving retention rates and assisting recruitment firms in making the transition to from contingency-based recruitment to a retained business model.

You can view the “Game Changers 2013” issue of Recruiter here (turn to page 29):

Or read the article on the website here: