Cutting-Edge Behavioural Testing

Cutting-Edge Behavioural Testing

Despite its undeserved reputation as some kind of black art, behavioural testing is actually a scientific approach that can reveal the kind of information that no amount of interviewing and Internet research can uncover.

Our approach is to test your existing members of staff, especially your top performers, and create a benchmark against which new, potential recruits, can be measured.

One of the main reasons why we value behavioural testing so highly and find it to be so effective is because it can indicate whether or not an individual is likely to be a good fit for the internal culture of your business. There are few things more frustrating than hiring what seems to be a perfect candidate, only for them to leave after six months because they’re unhappy in the office environment.

Behavioural testing is never the sole basis for making a hiring decision but we do believe it to be a crucial factor. The main factors that cause a person to leave a position are based on information that can only be gleaned through this process.

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