96% Employee Retention Rate

96% Employee Retention Rate

If you’ve ever experienced the pain that comes with an outstanding new employee leaving after only a few months, then you’ll appreciate how valuable it is to work with a recruitment firm that has achieved this level of retention for their clients.

It’s why we’re able to offer our clients one of the most secure and generous guarantees in the recruitment industry.

Is 96% retention rate over 12 months above average?
Based on anecdotal evidence, we believe that it is significantly above average. Especially in the modern business world where people move from job to job far more freely than in years gone by.

However, it’s impossible to be dogmatic because most recruitment agencies don’t publish their figures.

Is this because they don’t care enough about the effectiveness of the service they provide to track the numbers? Or is it because they do track the numbers and the results make for uncomfortable reading?

We’ll leave this to you to decide.

How is the 96% retention rate calculated?
Every three months we update our records and calculate our performance during the last 12 months.

Specifically, once per quarter, our executive chairman contacts every client who received a placement in the last 12 months and discusses their progress. The data is then used to calculate the percentage of candidates that are still in place.

How have we achieved this level of success?
i-intro is our award-winning recruitment system that perfectly blends advanced methodology and technology to scientifically match candidates to your requirements.

By measuring each candidate’s attitude and aptitude, in addition to their skills and experience, we’ve been able to achieve an outstanding level of success in placing individuals who remain in position for longer.

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