Head of Sales - Clean Technology (Position Filled)

Earlsfield, UK + Travel

Salary: Up to £55,000 basic salary + Performance Related Pay (£75,000+ OTE) + Share Incentive Plan

“Half of all British jobs could be replaced by robots over the next 20 years” - Bank of England’s chief economist

“Eventually, robots will be commonplace when walking down the high street to walking in the office, it’s inevitable. Just think, how many jobs could be done quicker, better and more reliably by our metal friends?”

It’s happening, and it’s happening today.

The way I see it is if you can’t beat them, join them.

Here’s your chance…

Q-Bot provides robotic solutions for the built environment for the construction, maintenance, and upgrade of buildings and industrial assets. These intelligent tools allow workers to remotely inspect and carry out a range of operations in hard to reach areas, such as crawl spaces, at height, or where there are other hazards, making human access undesirable. The robots can survey these spaces, building a detailed 3D map, gather environmental conditions, identify and locate services, faults and other hazards in order to plan servicing and maintenance. The robots can also carry out a range of operations including applying treatments such as insulation, protective finishes and other measures.

Q-Bot’s initial focus is to use a robot to apply insulation in under floor voids in the 18 million homes in Northern Europe with suspended floors. The service transforms inefficient, cold and draughty homes into warm and cosy places in which to live and work. Q-Bot’s service is a fraction of the cost, time, disruption and hassle of traditional methods while reducing energy bills by hundreds of pounds.

Q-Bot are looking for a Head of Sales. Someone with a proven track record in Customer Relationship Management AND Sales. Someone with an understanding of how to identify the needs of inbound leads coupled with a passion to pursue new ones.

You’ll build relationships with a variety of customers, focusing on local authorities, housing associations and construction firms.

You’re not just going to be a typical sales person; you need a creative edge. Your talents will be engaged across the business, leading sales activities, influencing PR and marketing, preparing proposals, planning and managing projects, coordinating events and trips, as well as providing input into the company’s product development pipeline.

In an ideal world you’ll have experience of working within the built environment, social housing or energy efficiency, but, we’re open to being blown away by people from a variety of industries.