“The most important recruitment innovation I’ve seen for many years” - GrassGreener Group

“The most important recruitment innovation I’ve seen for many years”

Endorsement by Patrick Brian, Managing Director of Trolex

I travel internationally on a very regular basis so, for me, the traditional process of recruitment has left me somewhat frustrated and dissatisfied. Having a dozen or so CVs to sift through while travelling, and attempting to make time for first interviews to “get behind the CV” is a challenge, and often ends up as time spent with little gain.

While the world of executive recruitment has no doubt been changed immeasurably with the advent of business and social networking sites, for the client relatively little seems to have changed.

Until now..!

In an industry that has been somewhat devoid of innovation for clients, GrassGreener GroupTM has changed the game by spearheading a whole method of talent acquisition with its revolutionary i-intro® process.

Personally, there are number of key factors in my mind when I recruit key staff:

  • I want to cut through the “chaff” and get to the real quality candidates. I am concerned about “missing a gem” but I don’t have the time to wade through a myriad of CVs.
  • My time overseas means recruitment can drag on too long, creating the potential for missing the best candidates who often have a number of options open to them.
  • My overriding aim is to be able to find people who have the right emotional intelligence to fit within my business. The hard skills are easy to measure but I always worry about not having any level of quantitative data to help with evaluation of soft competencies.
  • And… I want to speed up the whole process and make it pain free!

The only innovation that I have found to help me with ALL the above is i-intro®. Slick and easy to use, it has given me a combination of tools that has helped me find the right people, fast.

It provides an online portal for me to keep in touch with a particular role, neatly keeping all candidates filed for easy access.

The key competency questionnaire which is used to help in “matching needs”, both across my own team and that of the candidate, is a real eye-opener and has assisted greatly in our own understanding of what we are actually looking for in a given role – and how different stakeholders may have somewhat different requirements. i-intro® has also helped me to visualize this with its graphical illustrations which have proved useful as internal talking points even before interviews are conducted.

The video interviewing has been a massive time saver – for someone like me who is always travelling it has enabled me to get first interviews done on the move – but just as importantly has given me some really valuable insights into the candidates based on their “performance” in front of a camera.

The addition of behavioral testing is also a key point of i-intro®. It gives me that much needed extra confidence that what I am seeing or hearing during an interview is what I am likely to get.

As a client of GrassGreener GroupTM since their inception, I have always been a firm believer in the importance of having the right partner to assist in my recruitment needs.

This starts with a team that gets to know my needs and those of my company. For my business, recruitment of the very highest calibre individuals is a pre-requisite to our success, but as a SME it needs something special to win the war on talent.

In getting to know me personally over a number of years, the senior people at GrassGreener GroupTM have understood that it is not, nevertheless, about throwing a succession of candidates “over the wall” for me to then sift through, and i-intro® encapsulates this approach to recruitment.

It is really this combination of smart software and in-depth assessment, combined with a complete set of tools, that has made i-intro® the most important recruitment innovation I’ve seen for many years. I highly recommend it.