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GrassGreener Solves “Weak Candidate” Problem

FWB Case Study – June 2013

FWB, a supply chain partner of industrial products to various companies in the industrial engineering sector, was struggling to locate strong candidates. Alison Burrows, FWB’s HR Manager, explains the situation in her own words:

“Too many applicants were weak in commercial awareness, lacking in strong negotiations skills relevant to our industry and it was clear that, over time, the role would have consumed them.

“GrassGreener were confident they could solve this problem and they quickly lived up to their claims by appointing a dedicated Account Manager to oversee the recruitment campaign. Using his expertise and knowledge of the industry he was able to headhunt the right candidates from the relevant organisations.

“Equally valuable in helping us to select the right candidates was GrassGreener’s i-intro™ system that uses, among other things, behavioural testing and video interviews to quickly establish the characteristics of each candidate. The result was that we were in a much better position to understand the candidates so that we could prepare detailed questioning throughout the interview process.

“Focusing on characteristics highlighted in the behavioural analysis we were able to address any areas of concern and expand on areas of interest, allowing us to identify and offer employment to candidates with the right skills that had been missing from the previous candidates.

“Our new employees,located by GrassGreener, have all settled into the company quickly and are all performing and achieving success in their roles.

“GrassGreener’s unique service gave us the opportunity to bring in high calibre personnel with the required skills and knowledge. With the emphasis on quality over quantity, we didn’t have to waste time interviewing unsuitable candidates.

“I would recommend GrassGreener Group to any company that is struggling to gain the right person-organisation fit or struggling to find candidates with the relevant skills.”


We asked Alison to identify three main benefits from the services provided by GrassGreener:

1)    Confidence and Peace of Mind: GrassGreener’s understanding of our business challenges, business culture and where FWB’s product offering sits commercially in the marketplace, reassured us that they knew exactly what we were looking for. Their excellent communication was invaluable, enabling both parties to work honestly, effectively and with confidence throughout the recruitment campaign

2)    Time Saving: Their detailed candidate profiling enabled us to establish a better insight into the candidate’s ability to perform in the role, resulting in the need for fewer candidate interviews.

3)    High Quality Candidates: Through following their i-intro™ process we knew that any of the candidates that got through to the interview stage were potentially our new employee.