GrassGreener Group Runner-up at RBA 2013 - GrassGreener Group

GrassGreener Group Runner-up at RBA 2013

So the evening didn’t quite go as we’d hoped.

Amoria Bond took the award for Best Executive Search firm, exacting revenge on us for taking the award from them in 2011.


Yes, you could say that.

Still, second best Executive Search firm in the UK isn’t a bad accolade to have. And congratulations to everyone at Amoria Bond – hope you guys had a great night.

And if you’ll allow us one parting shot…

You may have the trophy this year…

But you don’t have i-intro

At least not yet 🙂

2 thoughts on “GrassGreener Group Runner-up at RBA 2013

  1. Well done to everyone at GrassGreener. It takes a huge effort to achieve and sustain this level of quality day in and day out. Many can only aspire to this level of performance.

    As they say in marketing “when you’re second you just try harder”. Im sure clients will be reaping the benefits even if the shelf is empty for this year.

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