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Behavioural Assessment: Junk Science or Recruitment Essential?

The McQuaig Psychometric System has been a key part of GrassGreener Group’s success both in terms of successful, long-term placements and also in providing our clients genuine value.

So why do so many recruiters still turn up their nose at …

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Does the Recruitment Industry Put Customer Needs First?

Re-Inventing Recruitment Part Two: Customer Needs

Putting the customer first is an excellent way to build client loyalty and increase satisfaction.

But how far are you willing to go to maintain that ethos?

Is there a point at which it …

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Recruitment Report Reveals Clients Deserve More

The REC have recently released their annual Industry Trends Survey (2012/13)which reveals that the average placement fee value has fallen for the fourth time in five years, and during that period it has diminished by almost one-third.

This might seem …

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How Do We Improve Customer Care in the Recruitment Industry?

Re-Inventing Recruitment Part One: Customer Care

Virtually every company in the service industry places customer care above all.

It’s enshrined in company mission statements, plastered over websites, and embedded in service contracts.

And yet poor customer service is an all …

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