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Yorkshire to Yemen – A truly international reach for the UK’s finest Executive Recruitment Business

GrassGreener Group™ recently reviewed our business operations over the last 4 years in terms of how truly international our reach and capability is. The results were to say the least pretty impressive. This is what we discovered.

In the last …

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GrassGreener Group™ launches Industry-Leading 24-month Replacement Policy


In 2015 GrassGreener Group™ had the highest placed candidate retention rate in the industry through the use of
i-intro®, our award-winning recruitment process
and methodology.

i-intro® has revolutionised the way people are recruited and crucially, retained.




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Does the Recruitment Industry Put Customer Needs First?

Re-Inventing Recruitment Part Two: Customer Needs

Putting the customer first is an excellent way to build client loyalty and increase satisfaction.

But how far are you willing to go to maintain that ethos?

Is there a point at which it …

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How Do We Improve Customer Care in the Recruitment Industry?

Re-Inventing Recruitment Part One: Customer Care

Virtually every company in the service industry places customer care above all.

It’s enshrined in company mission statements, plastered over websites, and embedded in service contracts.

And yet poor customer service is an all …

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