Would you hire Pogba or Mourinho?

Posted on October 10, 2018 by PaulHickey | Recruitment

I’ve been following with interest the recent saga at Manchester United surrounding serial trophy winner Jose Mourinho and the £90,000,000 rated world cup winner, Paul Pogba.

Here’s what we know for certain:

Manchester Utd – are one of the top five biggest clubs in the world.

Jose Mourinho – is one of the top five managers in the world.

Paul Pogba – is one of the top five most expensive players in the world.

So, what could possibly be the problem then?

In this article, we look at why it is all going so wrong and what you, your business and even Man Utd should learn from this situation….

For those who don’t know, Manchester Utd are currently underperforming and the finger is being pointed at two figures; the manager and the marquee signing who, quite clearly do not see eye to eye. Mourinho, is constantly criticising Pogba in public and has told him that he will never captain the club again. Pogba, is just not at the races, drifts in and out of games and does not even resemble the player who lifted the World Cup in Russia a few months ago.

Clearly, this is not down to a lack of skill, knowledge, experience or effort as they each offer this in abundance - it’s down to a difference in behavioural expectations.

Here’s the thing – with hindsight, do you think Mourinho would have bought Pogba IF he’d have known more about his behavioural patterns in advance? Likewise, do you think Pogba would have joined the club if he knew what was to be expected of him behaviourally?

Even though they might have “thought” they were compatible at first, the answer to these questions now is quite obviously a resounding “NO”.

The likely outcome of this situation will see either Mourinho sacked or Pogba sold, but in any case, Manchester United will not win this year’s Premier League title, that’s for sure.

As a consequence, it will disrupt the club, disrupt the players and ultimately end up costing the “the business” millions upon millions in direct and peripheral losses.

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So, what can we learn from this and take to our own business world?

Perhaps it’s not all about recruiting the best of the best, perhaps it's not all about recruiting just based on skills & knowledge, and perhaps it’s not all about “gut feel” when it comes to hiring your next team member?

Perhaps then, it is about recruiting based on behaviours? These can be proven or required behaviours (within your company) compared against natural behaviours that human beings (candidates) develop throughout their formative years?

By way of example: the title winning team that Sir Alex Ferguson left behind at Man Utd, just a few years ago, consisted of some arguably average players such as Shinji Kagawa, Tom Cleverley, Anderson, Phil Jones, Jonny Evans and Javier Hernandez however, they all seemed to have the right attitude, the right management and the right behaviours. None of these would get in to Mourinho’s regular starting 11 this season – just ask Phil Jones!

In this instance, it’s clear that there needs to be a fit between club, manager and players or it just falls apart.

By the same token, perhaps that’s what Leicester City achieved with Claudio Ranieri and his Premier League winning side?