Why Hiring The Best Recruiter Is a Waste of Money

Posted on April 03, 2019 by PaulHickey | Recruitment

In the recruitment industry, the best recruiters are the best salespeople.

They’re the ones that can get their foot in the door, hurdle the gatekeepers and close a retainer at over 20%.

But if you hire one of these recruiters, you might just be wasting a whole load of time and money.

This is why…

Our Goals Are Not the Same

A recruiter’s primary goal, just like every other business owner, is to make money. No surprises there.

The problem is that this target doesn’t necessarily mesh with your own.

For a recruitment firm, the best recruiters are the ones that can win lots of retainers, fill plenty of roles and earn six-figures a year in commissions.

The problem is that, just because a recruiter is good at this part of the job, doesn’t mean they’re good at delivering what YOU need.

Think of It in Football Terms

It’s like the owner of a football club hiring a prestigious manager who can attract world-class players, but who is a terrible coach and strategist, and can’t put a winning team together.

Shirt sales and gate receipts go up, so the club owner is happy. But it won’t be long before the fans are demanding the manager’s head because they haven’t won at home in six months.

The best managers all have one thing in common. They win most of their games and they get the best out of the players in their squad.

In the recruitment industry the best recruiters, from YOUR point of view, is the one that can find well-qualified candidates AND place one that stays in their role long-term.

Everything else is secondary.

It’s not about low prices, deep networks, fast shortlist delivery or a recruiter who talks a good game.

Those things are nice to have, but they don’t necessarily translate into the be all and end all of your recruitment campaign.

Finding the right person who is still in their role after 12 months.

If you don’t have that, you’re going to have disruption in the workplace, and the pain and expense of repeating the recruitment campaign all over again.

Is Your Recruiter a Winner?

The next time you get a smooth-talking recruiter with impressive experience and credentials, ask them one question and one question only.

Do your placements stick?

Or, more specifically, what percentage of your placements are still in the role after 12 months?

If the recruiter doesn’t know, be concerned.

This would be like interviewing a potential new football manager and discovering that they don’t know what their win percentage is.

Why don’t they know? Do they understand what’s truly important in this game? Have they taken their eye off the ball?


At GrassGreener Group we have some very skilled salespeople and some average salespeople. But every single one is a winner because we have a proven recruitment system that delivers what matters most….

Enhanced retention rates

96% of the people we place are still in their role after 12 months. If we were football managers our win rate would be enough to win any league in the world.

Our success rate is so high that we offer an unparalleled free replacement guarantee of up to 12 months.

By the recruitment industry standards of “money, money, money”, we might not be the greatest recruiters in history. But by your standards of getting the right person in the right job, long-term, we might just be the best recruiters you can find.


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