Why are guarantee’s in recruitment different to any other industry?

Posted on September 14, 2018 by JamiePickup | Recruitment

If you were to purchase any expensive product, for example a car, a laptop or even a phone. You would receive as standard 12-24 month warranty, even longer in some cases.

If you paid an electrician, a plumber or even a builder for their services, you would expect a lengthy guarantee on the work or service that they had provided.

In both the above scenarios and many more, should something go wrong that wasn’t personally your fault you would expect the provider of the service or product to rectify it at no additional cost!

**Why in the recruitment industry is this generally not the case?**

Surely, if a recruitment company truly believes that they are offering an outstanding service, should they not be comfortable to offer a reasonable guarantee to go with it?

Of course, no matter how good the service someone provides there will always be the odd fall out, that is just a given bearing in mind we are dealing with people and emotions When dealing with people, many outside factors can come into effect, for example: Personal situation change, family problems, health issues etc.

I appreciate that these things cannot be helped or even foreseen in most circumstances and therefore there will always be some loss in retention, BUT surely these factors should accumulate to only a small percentage of the people that join your company?

Therefore, if a recruiter has truly delivered an exceptional service and has matched a candidate, not just to a role but also to the company and to the team, then it should surely take something extreme to cause them to leave within a short period of time.

At GrassGreener we have developed a process that is second to none, we use numerous methodologies to ensure that our candidate retention rate is unrivalled in the industry.

  • 96% of the candidates we place are still in place after 12months
  • 93% are still there after 24months

These 2 facts alone enable us to offer an industry leading replacement policy of up to 24 months. And we’re proud of it!

If you would like to learn more about how GrassGreener can…

  • Increase your company retention rate
  • Considerably reduce your overall cost to hire
  • Considerably reduce your commercial downtime involved in any recruitment process

Please click here to book a call with me or send me an email at jamie@grassgreener.co.uk