Where a handshake still means something...

Posted on July 20, 2018 by jameslai | Recruitment

As clearly demonstrated at the Hillhead 2018 Exhibition this week, this is a vibrant, dynamic and fast changing sector awash with opportunity and optimism. It’s an industry that knows how vitally important it is to the future of the U.K and all our shared aspirations; it’s an industry that sits at the very centre of our dreams for more housing, better, faster transport links and general infrastructure from HS2 to Hinkley Point and Runway 3 among many others, projects that will positively impact our economy, our society and the country as a nation for decades to come.

The sector is key to the success of the ‘New United Kingdom’, the one many of us expect to see arise from the ashes of Brexit. When the shouting is over, the anguish and anxiety subsides and like a slumbering giant, we straighten our back, shake out the tired matted old mane and we roar our way into the future, this industry and the people who embrace it and make it work will be central to our success.

I’m excited to be a part of this, to create a business with the GrassGreener Group that builds upon the foundations already established in this sector and take it to the next level. GrassGreener Group are primed to help and support the sector at a time when it has to face the challenges ahead, when it has to reinvent itself, adopt new technologies, develop better environmental policy and processes, rebrand itself to attract a new generation of employee, to train them, develop them and nurture them whilst building businesses that are robust, agile and future-proofed. From automating basic quarrying and mining processes to the way we design and build heavy machinery, crushers, screeners and earth moving and tunnelling equipment to the actual planning and project delivery. This industry is going through wholesale change, it’s moving fast and it’s right at the very coal face of every major challenge that this country faces in the next 50 years.

For me, I love this industry’s straight forward ‘a spade is a spade’ style of communication and no-nonsense approach to business and relationships. The fact that your reputation is valuable beyond measure, that deals are done based on sound business logic and commercial common sense, partnerships develop because there is a genuine accord, people buy because they like and trust the agent, they sell on integrity. A handshake means everything, where seeing the whites of someone’s eyes still actually means something. It’s a million miles away from your dreamy tech developers and financial services and for that alone I’m immensely grateful.

I may be getting on in years, sometimes come across as a cantankerous, opinionated old sod, but I’ve always been an innovator, a pioneer and have never shirked the opportunity to change and develop. As a career recruiter, with an international track record, a reputation for saying it as it is, always standing up to the challenge, delivering against the odds, I reckon I’m absolutely bloody perfect for this industry sector. With professional and persona traits such as these and the innovation, international reach and capabilities of GrassGreener Group, who is better equipped to unearth the talent needed today for the challenges and opportunities facing this industry tomorrow?