This is Why So Many People Hate Recruiters

Posted on February 06, 2019 by PaulHickey | Recruitment

Recruiters are well aware of their… shall we say… troubled reputation. It’s something we’re reminded of nearly every day.

We see it in the eyes of frustrated clients. We hear it in the calls with frustrated candidates. And we read it online in the latest recruitment horror story to be posted on social media.

Much of it boils down to the fact that recruitment is viewed as…

A Necessary Evil

In a perfect world you’d only need to hire people when your business expanded. That kind of recruitment, while challenging, feels like a positive, progressive activity.

But when recruitment involves replacing a valued member of staff, it’s a frustration, with an end result that, at best, returns you to your status quo.

It’s a bit like when your boiler breaks down. You’re grateful when an engineer fixes it because you no longer have to take cold showers. But it’s an expensive job and, at the end, you’re just back to where you were.

It’s like paying for inconvenience.

Recruitment can feel the same way. Losing a key employee is damaging to your business and you’re grateful when a recruiter helps you replace them. But it’s an expensive job and, at the end, you’re just back to where you were.

A Different Perspective

Recruiters, on the other hand, are coming from a different place. When you lose a valuable employee and you ask us to help you replace them, we get excited by the challenge ahead.

We’re going to do a deep dive into your business requirements. We’re going to scour the market for amazing candidates. And at the end of the project we’re going to introduce someone to an exciting new role and enjoy the satisfaction of helping you fill your vacancy.

We feel like we’ve performed a valuable service, whereas the client may often just be glad that the process is completed and they can get back to work.

It’s a significantly different perspective and it’s the reason why recruiters and employers often struggle to see eye to eye.

Smoothing Out the Jagged Pill

But, hang on…

What about recruiters acting unethically, or charging exorbitant fees for minimum effort?

Well, those things certainly don’t help. But in our experience those kinds of recruiters are the minority. Most recruiters take their work seriously and are committed to a positive outcome for the candidates and the employers.

It only appears that unethical behaviour is common because so much of what recruiters do is poorly communicated to the client. It’s like we’re working behind a curtain.

Over the last decade or so, we’ve started to see a real shift in the relationship that GrassGreener Group has with its clients, precisely because we’ve changed the way in which we complete recruitment assignments.

We’ve developed our recruitment processes to include things like:

  • Detailed job surveys
  • Candidate behavioural assessments
  • Key competency questionnaires
  • Interview guidance
  • Training and development recommendations

Not only do these produce measurably better results (96% of our placements are still in the role after 12 months), but they allow us to clearly communicate and showcase the work that we do. Now our clients can SEE the efforts that we’re making and the benefits that are experienced as a result.

We’ve even reached the point where we’re working with some clients closely enough to anticipate their recruiting needs in advance. This is superb for reducing the time required to complete recruitment campaigns and minimising business disruption.

Recruitment can be a jagged pill, but working with the right recruiter can definitely smooth down the edges.


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