The Lesson Employers MUST Learn From Brexit

Posted on April 03, 2019 by JamiePickup | Recruitment

It’s been three years since the UK voted to leave the European Union. What’s followed has been so painfully drawn out that most people are fed up of hearing about it.

The government seem no closer to a deal than they did three years ago.

But whether you’re in Camp Leave, Camp Remain or Camp Really Don’t Care Anymore, there’s a valuable lesson that all employers should take from this nightmare.

Brexit: A Gut Decision

There’s plenty of debate over whether a second referendum would produce a different result to the last one. But what is beyond question is that most voters made their decision without knowing all of the facts.

What started as a simple “leave” or “remain” decision has devolved into a mess of soft Brexits, hard Brexits, and everything in between Brexits, with no one offering any definitive answers about what the results will be. Even the most ardent “remainer” couldn’t have predicted just how messy the whole process would be come.

That lack of transparency over how Brexit would work, and the amount of guesswork that was involved, left most people voting based on their gut. Incredibly, if a second vote was to happen now, the same would also be true. There are just too many unknowns.

This got me thinking about recruitment processes and how frequently employers also make decisions based on their gut. Which is strange because, unlike Brexit, gut decisions in recruitment can actually be avoided.

Recruitment: A Gut Decision

Unfortunately, much of recruitment works in a very similar fashion. Employers in many cases are making hiring decisions based on sketchy information.

  1. Your recruitment consultant presents you with 5-10 CVs, along with brief summaries.
  2. Based on this information you interview each candidate, even though the first time you meet you know virtually nothing about each candidate except a summary of their job history.
  3. Within a couple of minutes of meeting, you get a gut feeling about whether or not you like the candidate. (Same goes for the candidate with you!)
  4. You may ask a colleague to also interview the candidates you prefer to give you a trusted second opinion.
  5. Together you make a final decision, once again based primarily on gut feeling and a fervent hope that a year or two down the line you won’t regret your choice.

What If You Make a Hiring Mistake?

It’s unlikely, but what if the government decided to revoke Article 50 and just let everything go back to the way it was before the referendum? Just think of all the time and money spent over the last three years that will ultimately have been wasted.

This is kind of what happens when you make a bad hire and have to let them go. It can cost your business tens of thousands in direct and indirect costs, including the cost of the initial hire, the cost to re-hire, money invested in training, money lost on salary, loss of custom, disruption to your team, and so on.

Just like Brexit, when you make a hiring decision based on gut feel, the resulting fiasco can be VERY expensive.

In Recruitment, Knowledge is Power

A combination of CV and gut feel is a poor way to make a hiring decision. Especially when there are ways to gather valuable information on your candidates that will directly indicate whether they are likely to be a good hire.

GrassGreener Group™ has developed an award-winning process (i-intro®) that can help you make the right hire the first time!

Whereas some recruiters see only around 70% of their placements still in the role after 12 months, 96% of GrassGreener's placements are still in the role after 12 months and 93% are still in the role after 24 months.

That 96% figure hasn’t come about because we’re really good at making the final pick. It’s because we have a system that allows our clients to use their experience and knowledge and gives them sufficient information to make the right decision.

Our i-intro® process uses comprehensive candidate assessment tools, including the latest behavioural assessments, key competency questionnaires and the video technology to deliver candidate profiles of unparalleled detail to hiring managers, that can be viewed anytime and anywhere!

Ultimately, unlike the Brexit nightmare, we give you all the information you need to make a gut call that you can trust!

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