Remove the Blindfold and Hire with Eyes Wide Open – You’ll Be Astonished

Posted on July 19, 2018 by oliverb | Recruitment

Remove the Blindfold and Hire with Eyes Wide Open – You’ll Be Astonished

As the United Kingdom’s most disruptive and innovative recruiter, GrassGreener Group, have created the recruitment process equivalent of the Large Hadron Collider. A bold statement I know. But seriously, forget selecting candidates based on their CV’s; introduce science into your decision-making process, even better still let us do it for you.

How can you find what you are looking for if you don’t know what it looks like?

One of the enduring challenges faced by organisations across the globe when they begin to consider a new hire is what precisely do they need, what does the ideal candidate really look and feel like. If you can’t define this accurately how can you identify it and test it when you see it? It’s like hiring with a blindfold on.

The process of drafting a candidate specification has barely changed over the last 3 decades. Many people still consider it an afterthought. Someone drafts a job description which outlines the actual responsibilities the role will entail then in most cases some individual sits down and creates the person specification. Sometimes this will be a collaborative team effort. Usually we end up with things such as: must be a good team player; experienced and confident at dealing with adversarial situations; outgoing and engaging personality; leads by example and so forth. Now all this is great stuff. But how do we really know that these attributes are the real ones required by both this job, the organisation itself and more importantly the culture within the organisation? 

“How do we test and confirm that the candidates we consider really have these traits?” 

“How do we first define what your cultural DNA is and secondly what the DNA of the actual role is?”

The short answer is that we usually don’t. Often the closest we come to ascertaining if our preferred candidates have the personality traits the role requires is at the back-end of the recruitment process when you ask them to complete a psychometric assessment or similar. But when we get them to complete these tests, often they are unique to the individual and we have no benchmark to compare them against. 

“Why are we undertaking this critically important element of the process towards the end instead of at the beginning?” 

“Wouldn’t it make much more sense to have a scientifically defined and measured benchmark created at the very beginning to compare our candidates against?”

“Wouldn’t it make more sense to measure and assess this during the very early stages of the selection process?”

“Why would we want to take someone through the entire interview process and then test at the end to then discover that they struggle to make decisions, have narcissistic tendencies, lack confidence in their own leadership ability, may become introvert in highly pressured situations for example?”

Here’s what we should be doing, here is what GrassGreener Group do with you and for you, before we even begin a hiring assignment:

Using a variety of online tools and sample points GrassGreener create an internal benchmark for the vacancy by establishing the type of behaviours you and your fellow stakeholders believe are critical to ensure the job.

A job description (tasks and duties) will tell us what we want someone to do. The GrassGreener benchmark assessment will tell us how we want them to do it and what personality and behavioural traits will ensure they succeed. 

The GrassGreener process creates a scientifically developed benchmark report designed to be used throughout the hiring process and to ensure consistency when recruiting.

• Establish the behaviours you want in a role

• Line managers can identify candidates who are best suited to the role

• You can create an internal benchmark for every role in the organisation

• Reports are emailed within minutes of completion and are electronically matched and compared to the original benchmark report for accuracy.

• Re-evaluate a role after a long-standing employee has left to ensure job behaviours are up to date with organisational needs

Our report includes:

• Profile Graph & Interpretation report

• Leadership Profile

• Selling Style Report

• Interviewing Questions

• Reference Checking Questions

GrassGreener have created a recruitment process like no other available in the market today. This is just one of our game changing innovative “standard operating features” that deliver unprecedented benefits to our clients and rather delightfully that are fully inclusive within our service provision. The benefit is that our comprehensive process ultimately increases hiring accuracy and candidate engagement whilst saving you time and money. Our process also significantly increases new hire retention. What’s not to like?

It’s time you had the kind of recruitment service provider your organisation deserves, one that uses science and technology to de-risk your hiring strategy. 

Schedule some time with me and see the whole solution come to life, we will even give you access to a suite of free online tools including a free vacancy job survey, so you can see the results for yourself.  Schedule a call