Recruitment Tech is a Waste of Time and Money (unless it can do this)

Posted on February 06, 2019 by PaulHickey | Recruitment

The pressure to adopt technology as part of your hiring process is growing. But how do you know if the expensive software or service you’re being pitched is a silver bullet or a white elephant?

There are four key benefits recruitment technology should provide that will make it worth your while.

Will it improve your results?

All technology provides some kind of “soft” benefit, even if it’s just to impress clients and colleagues and to position yourself as a progressive firm.

But if you’re going to see a return on what is often a substantial investment, you need to be confident that it does more than provide a little flash or convenience.

The question you should always be asking when reviewing recruitment software is whether or not it will help you MEASURABLY improve your hiring process.

  • Eliminate half-hearted candidates
  • Reduce the shortlist
  • Consider Cultural Fit
  • Have a Post-Placement Plan

1. Eliminate half-hearted candidates

There will always be some candidates who have applied for a role out of mere curiosity or on a whim. They may get all the way to the interview stage or, in some cases, even be offered the job, before deciding that they’re quite happy to remain where they are.

The key to weeding out the tyre-kickers is to involve them in the assessment process and assign them mandatory tasks. This could be in the form of introductory videos, online questionnaires and behavioural assessments.

Half-hearted candidates will drop out at the first hint that they need to invest some time and effort into the application process.

2. Reduce the shortlist

Interviews, when performed correctly, should be in-depth and lengthy. But if you have a long shortlist of candidates, the temptation will be to rely on shorter interviews.

A better alternative is to reduce the length of the shortlist before the interview stage. There’s no reason at all why a shortlist of eight candidates can’t be whittled down to the best three or four.

The assessment process, again, is the key. Pre-interview activities should be created with the goal of identifying the most qualified, experienced and interested candidates.

3. Consider Cultural Fit

As odd as it may sound, it’s entirely possible to hire a well-qualified and eager candidate, only for them to leave within a few months because they don’t get along in the work environment.

In the past there was no way to consider this factor aside from gut feel. These days, however, behavioural assessments can answer this critical question with a high degree of accuracy.

The key is to survey existing staff members to create a benchmark and then compare the candidate results.

4. Have a Post-Placement Plan

It can take months to determine the level and type of training a new hire needs to thrive in their new role. But if you’ve carried out effective behavioural assessments and asked the right questions during the interview, you can put together a development plan for your hire that is available from day one.

Not only does this help the new placement to settle quickly and comfortable into their new role, it maximises their potential for future growth within your firm.

In short, recruitment technology should be able to…

  • Save you significant time and money during the recruitment process, but not at the expense of carefully assessing candidates.
  • Improve the accuracy of your placements as evidenced by improved retention rates.
  • Provide developmental direction that ensures your new hires prosper.
  • Produce some or all of the above benefits to a degree that creates measurable improvement.

Another way to save time and money through recruitment technology is to use a recruitment firm that already owns and utilises these software tools and services.

This can result in significant savings in both the short-term and long-term.

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