Recruiting at 37,000ft

Posted on November 21, 2018 by PaulHickey | Recruitment

GrassGreener Group delivers shortlisted candidates of unparalleled quality to employers via its cloud-based i-intro® platform.

This allows hiring managers to tap in from anywhere in the world and review candidates for their vacancies at their leisure.

Over the last few years we’ve had clients tell us of some weird and wonderful places that they have been, whist logging in and deciding who to call to interview.

Without doubt, first place goes to a Dutch client who was cruising at 37,000 feet, sat at the business class bar on-board an Emirates A380 from Dubai to Shanghai. He was slowly sipping on a Singapore Sling whilst watching candidate video introductions and reading through the supporting assessment documentation. We received notifications back at HQ and by the time he’d landed we’d arranged 4 interviews and placed them in his schedule.

Our aim has always been to find new and innovative ways to reduce our client’s commercial downtime which, in turn, improves their bottom line. This is just a brilliant example and in practical terms, having the ability to manage your recruitment process on the go, across multiple locations is a genuine time saver!

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