Is Evolution a Myth?

Posted on May 08, 2019 by PaulHickey | Recruitment

You might not be aware of it, but in the recruitment industry there’s a fierce debate over the evolution of the industry.

And as an employer, you get to vote with your wallet.

Among recruiters there are essentially two sides to the argument…

On one side are those who believe that recruitment is best performed through traditional shortlist building and face-to-face interviews. Speed, efficiency and fair pricing is prized above all.

On the other side are those who believe that recruitment can be improved with new technology and modern scientific practices such as competency questionnaires and behavioural assessments. Accuracy of placement is believed to trump everything.

At GrassGreener we use video interviews, key competency questionnaires, behavioural assessments, and online shortlist presentation.

No prizes for guessing which side of the fence we’re on.

How about you?

If you’re on the fence, please allow me to gently pull you to the correct side.

Because while traditional recruitment may be fast and affordable, it relies on soft facts and gut feeling. Not to put too fine a point on it, but choosing employees by what feels right is how we ended up with a shortage of female and minority representation in the workplace.

And a turnover rate of employees that hovers between 70-80%.

Modern recruitment, however, while not outright rejecting subjectivity, provides a solid foundation of OBJECTIVE facts for making a hiring decision.

And, because it’s a scientific approach, it produces measurably better results.

96% of the personnel we place with our clients are still in their role after 12 months.

When you consider the expense and work disruption that is incurred every time a new hire doesn’t work out, it should be clear that modern recruitment is more than just cosmetics.

It’s understandable that traditional recruiters want to stick with comfy methods that they’ve become accustomed to. But if you want a demonstrable improvement in your retention rates, there’s only once choice.

The science of genetics has revealed that every species holds the potential for huge variety. This allows creatures of all kinds to adjust to a changing environment so they don’t go extinct.

In a nutshell, species evolve so they don’t die out.

Imagine if an animal refused to evolve because it insisted that its environment hadn’t really changed.

Recruitment traditionalists are like that. They seem to be under the impression that the Internet never happened, and that advances in behavioural psychology can just be ignored.

The world has evolved and, if recruitment is going to survive, the methods must evolve too.

Remember, you get to vote with your wallet. It’s time to pick a side.

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