Imagine if bad hiring was a 'Gross Misconduct' offence!

Posted on July 19, 2018 by jameslai | Recruitment

Imagine an eerie parallel universe where the world of business was rather different. A commercial reality where perfection or at least the pursuit of perfection was considered the very minimum outcome acceptable in any given recruitment and hiring scenario. A world where we didn’t look at deeply damaging issues such as hiring the wrong people into our businesses as simply “one of those things”, an undesirable but unavoidable pain in the ass. Imagine if bad hiring was up there with the big hitters on that list of offences deemed as ‘Gross Misconduct’.

Yeah, I know, it’s a crazy idea for sure. But we are talking about a hypothetical, alternate universe, one where the people who crunch the numbers and analyse a company’s balance sheets see through the malaise and see the stark cold negative impact that every bad hire has on an organisation and the bottom line. They’ve seen the real cost not just in terms of the numbers, they have broken it down into the cost of lost opportunity, lost momentum and to be honest a loss of commercial integrity. These analysts have deemed it to be wholly unacceptable.

As a result, it becomes standard practice that for every stakeholder involved in hiring new employees, they have a Key Performance Indicator which stipulates they must maintain a successful hiring ratio of above 90%. Success is defined as new hires still in employment after 2 years or more. If they consistently fail to maintain that level of success, those stakeholders are thrust under the limelight and begin internal disciplinary procedures. I mean, let’s be honest about this, their negligence is effectively costing the company money. It causes issues in other areas by derailing productivity targets, making teams less effective, adding pressure on other departments who don’t have hiring accuracy issues. All these failings and outcomes very often also lead to increased attrition as reliable, good, stand-up employees become frustrated and look for other opportunities.

Imagine for a moment that the recruiters, internal or external are also included in this process. Your recruiters are under the same microscope as you, the hiring manager. They have as much of a vested interest in the hiring, bums on seats outcome as they do the long-term success and retention of those hires. Would it change their perspective and the way they worked if their own job was also on the line? Imagine a world where your recruiter had to sit in that disciplinary meeting with you, had to squirm under the spotlight, yield to the hostile glares from across the room who demanded answers for such slovenly work?

Now just consider your role as the hiring manager in your organisation, for your department. Would you be able to meet such stringent KPI’s for your hiring success? Would your recruiter be able to look you in the eyes and say “Hey, don’t worry, we’ve got this…”? Could you honestly, hand on heart, feel satisfied that you could meet such high standards?

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Imagine an organisation where 93% of your new hires are still on the credit side of the balance sheet after 2 years, avoiding the scrutiny of those analysts and accountants, driving your business forward and reaching those goals with you.

Now just for a moment, how great would it be to be able to demonstrate to prospective candidates that over 90% of the people who join your organisation, are still with you over 2 years later? That's a great positive for your employer brand and proposition, it gives you a significant edge over your competitors, stability and security are paramount to candidates considering new jobs.

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