Do you retain 96% of your executive team?”

Posted on October 03, 2018 by JamiePickup | Recruitment

Do you know exactly how much poor recruitment retention costs your company and the adverse effect on you and your overall P&L?

If you are a hiring manager/senior leader within the global flavour and ingredient industry, I bet that at some point in your career you have heard one of, if not all the following selling points:

  • We are a niche recruitment business specialising in the ingredients market.
  • We visit trade shows and follow industry news to understand the market trends.
  • We work internationally and have access to talent around the world.

Take a moment to think, are these actually the main things you should consider when choosing a recruitment partner? I would suggest not!

Our team have been working in the Ingredients sector for over 15years, and yes, we agree that each one of these points is important, HOWEVER surely these are not selling points?

Surely, all these things are just a base for what you require from your recruitment partner?

Surely, a true selling points should have actual measurable value?

As an example; if one of your customers was looking for a specific ingredient, flavour or raw material to produce a product, they wouldn’t choose your company as their supplier just based on the fact that you can produce it.

They would choose you because of the overall value you can bring to the table. They would choose your company because of the:

  • Technical guidance your team can provide.
  • On-going technical support you guarantee.
  • Quality control you ensure future consistency.
  • Specific guarantees that you set in place in case of any unforeseen issues.

Most importantly, you help your customers to use your products to create their ideas, and you ensure that the results are right and will remain right for years to come. That is true value!


Why would you choose your recruitment partner in a different way?

Recruitment in my opinion should be just as easy to measure, it shouldn’t be about bragging rights. Your recruitment partner should be able to offer factual results that actually present value, perhaps even guarantee their work.

The next time you are looking for a new recruitment partner, ask them this one question - “How do you measure your success?”I bet you hear one of the following:

  1. We turnover so many million a year….
  2. We placed “x amount” of candidates last year….
  3. We work with the top companies in your market…

If you ask our team the same question, their answers will be:

  1. 96% of the candidates we place are still in situ after 12 months and 93% are still in situ at 24 months.
  2. As a result, we SAVE our clients’ money.
  3. And what’s more, we significantly REDUCE our clients’ commercial downtime.

I am sure you will agree, each one of these points represents value to you!

As a demonstration of how much poor retention can truly cost your company I invite you to try our BAD HIRE CALCULATOR free of charge.


Further to all of the above, I welcome the chance to discuss how we can SAVE you TIME and MONEY.