Amazon and Recruiters

Posted on March 27, 2019 by PaulHickey | Recruitment

What do Amazon and the recruitment industry have in common?

They both have sketchy reputations but they’re still thriving because there are no viable alternatives.

Except that might not be true for much longer…

Can Recruiters Be Replaced?

That might seem like a strange question for a recruiter to ask. It’s almost as if we’re trying to talk ourselves out of finding new clients.

Well, obviously, the answer is going to be “no”, we believe recruiters still have a very important part to play in connecting employers and employees.

But it’s a question that we should BOTH be asking ourselves because services like LinkedIn and Indeed, at least on the surface, appear to be offering solutions that could replace the services that recruiters can provide.

And it’s mainly because of the aforementioned “sketchy” reputation.

Chasing the Money

When a recruiter makes several placements with a single client, this is cause for celebration.

But what if some of those placements leave after just a few months?

For the recruiter, this means just more repeat business. But for the client, this is disaster.

A new hire leaving after just a short while is hugely disruptive and very expensive. Not to mention frustrating because you have to repeat the recruitment exercise all over again.

None of this is because recruiters are inherently bad. They’re focused on profits, just like every other business owner and commission-based worker. But it’s not hard to see why this can result in a bad reputation.

And why employers are wondering if they might be better with a different approach.

Amazon Knows Everything

Let’s go back to our Amazon analogy.

Amazon have done a great job of focusing on long-term success, even if this means selling at a loss in a bid to gobble up market share. But their real skill is measuring every transaction and every customer move to increase sales and reduce costs.

This isn’t just about having deep pockets. This is about testing and measuring and retesting and improving until everything is perfectly streamlined. It’s easy to forget how frustrating buying things online used to be because we’ve become accustomed to jumping on Amazon and completing our order in just a couple of clicks.

This didn’t happen by accident. Amazon didn’t stumble onto perfect ecommerce website design.

They gathered their data and they used it to improve.

Good Recruiters Know Their Numbers

Emerging recruitment technology can connect you with candidates quickly and easily. But what they can’t do is tailor a recruitment campaign to your specific, unique needs.

They can’t assess your candidate shortlist to measure experience, key competencies and cultural fit.

They can’t help you figure out probing interview questions that are tailored to each candidate.

They can’t help you design a long-term development and training plan for your new hire that will increase the likelihood of them staying with your firm for years.

And they certainly can’t provide you with free replacement guarantees if a new hire doesn’t work out.

Good recruiters CAN provide these things because they measure, they track and they improve.

For example, when GrassGreener Group manages a recruitment campaign…

  • We survey the employer and existing employees to understand your precise requirements.
  • We task the applicants with creating introductory videos and completing key competency questionnaires to ensure only the most committed candidates make it to the shortlist.
  • We use behavioural assessments to establish which candidates will be a good cultural fit and to aid with creating a long-term development plan.
  • We track our placements so we know that 96% of our placements are still in their role after 12 months.
  • We provide our clients with a free replacement guarantee of up to 12 months.

Just like Amazon, we track our data and we use it to produce better results for our clients and our candidates.


We get excited by winning new business, just like any recruiter. But we don’t treat this as the be all and end all of our job.

Nothing is more important than finding you the RIGHT candidate that you can be confident will STAY in their job long-term.

That’s how we’ve created a recruitment process that is every bit as streamlined as Amazon’s checkout.

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