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Attention Recruiters – Evolve or Die!

If there are lots of possible reasons for the struggles experienced by so many recruitment firms, one of the primary causes must be the perceived lack of value offered by their services.

That isn’t to say that recruiters don’t provide a valuable service or work extremely hard, but far too much effort is spent on outdated strategies and far too much of the grind goes unnoticed by recruiters.

This is one of the reasons why i-intro™ is so popular with our clients. Not only does it provide measurably better results, it also provides visible, tangible value that can be clearly seen and appreciated by both clients and candidate.

If recruitment firms are going to survive in this industry, they need to find better, smarter ways to deliver value to their customers, step out of their comfort zones, and be willing to find new approaches that suit the client, first and foremost.

Popular recruitment pot-stirrer, Greg Savage, featured recently in a webinar interview with recruitment software developer Shane McCusker, discussing this very issue. It’s well worth spending a lunch break on and it might just challenge a few of your preconceptions about where the recruitment industry is heading.

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