GrassGreener Group™ launches Industry-Leading 24-month Replacement Policy - GrassGreener Group

GrassGreener Group™ launches Industry-Leading 24-month Replacement Policy


In 2015 GrassGreener Group™ had the highest placed candidate retention rate in the industry through the use of
i-intro®, our award-winning recruitment process
and methodology.

i-intro® has revolutionised the way people are recruited and crucially, retained.



Improved New Employee Retention

Placed candidate retention rates of 96% after 12 months and 93% after 24 months, measured over the last 3 years.

Make Smarter Hiring Decisions & Remove the Guesswork

No more “gut feel” recruiting.
i-intro® increases the accuracy of hire through the use of scientific, visual and competency based assessment techniques.

Industry-Leading Guarantees

We guarantee our results by offering a 100% money-back guarantee and an industry-leading replacement policy of up to 24 months.

Save Time and Money

Our key differentiator and USP is that when you engage with us we can and will reduce your overall cost of recruitment.


GrassGreener Group™ developed i-intro® to improve the recruitment process because we know
making the wrong hire can be fatal.

Can you afford not to work with us?

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